The 4 C's

 A Framework for Retirement Income

Retirement today looks and feels very different than it did for previous generations.

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The 4 C's

As the financial landscape continues to shift, so must the way Americans think about money and retirement. People nearing retirement need to be ready to take control of their financial futures. It can be challenging because the income planning process is often complex.

One way to approach a seemingly complicated decision process is through the use of a simple framework, such as the “Allianz 4 C’s”. The 4 C’s framework is brilliant in its simplicity and its ubiquity; as a tool, it breaks down a complex concept (retirement income) into simpler and easier to remember pieces.

It does this all without advocating any particular solution or company.

Successful Retirement Income Strategies

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A Framework for Retirement Income

The resource you are about to download is courtesy of Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz). Allianz has developed useful information on annuities, and we wanted to share it with you

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